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Rainbow Footpath Appears at North Bund

By Geng Xiaoyan

With the hole-through and opening of the riverfront area, more and more citizens have come to take a walk there. Lately, citizens have found by surprise a new rainbow footpath in the North Bund.

This good-looking rainbow footpath is on part of the sidewalk west of Xinjian Road-East Changzhi Road to East Daming Road. Seen from afar, this 200m footpath is like a colorful ribbon and people would feel like stepping on colorful auspicious clouds when walking on it, which is very romantic. Passers-by can’t help stroll there or take a photo of it as attracted by its gorgeous colors.

It is introduced that Hongkou District has made exquisite design and arrangement on the buildings and road lights surrounding the North Bund to enhance its overall scenery and this rainbow footpath is to be integrated into the ambient environment. Hongkou is striving to present a splendid night scene of the North Bund beside Huangpu River and bring more enjoyment of beauty to citizens.