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Guangzhong Rd Sub-district Launches “New Family Plan” Pilot Work

By Zhang Wennie

How to feed an overweight baby? How to handle the psychological inversion of adolescents? These days, the “New Family Plan” Micro-class of Guangzhong Road Sub-district receives a lot of questions. Different from general courses, the residents can become trainees of the class only by their smartphones.

In contrast to the outdoor scorching temperature, Aunt Shen comfortably sits on the sofa and enjoyed the indoor coolness, and she enters the “New Family Plan” WeChat Group. She says: “The sub-district invites doctor Zhu Xinpu of Hongkou District Cerebrovascular Disease Center, and I have prepared some questions for the expert”. After the activity begins, she quickly sends a massage: “My grandson likes garbage food, while we have a family history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. How can I do?”. Doctor Zhu replies after a while. He firstly defines the garbage food and suggests replacing the garbage food with healthy food characterized by similar tastes. Aunt Shen is very satisfied with the opinion given by the expert. She says: “Replacing sour milk beverage, puffed food and carbonate beverage with yoghourt, nori and fruit juice, respectively. It is very practical”. Other residents in the WeChat Group raise an array of questions, which are answered by Zhu respectively.

Aunt Shen highly praises the micro-class. She says, some residents are not willing to participate in community activities due to the high-temperature days, and some can not leave home as they have to look after elders and children. Now, the residents can have classes at home by their smart phones.

In April 2017, Guangzhong Road Sub-district launched the pilot work of “500 New Families Plan” in the Huangshan and Liuying neighborhood committees, in order to enhance the families’ development ability and elevate the communities’ health atmosphere. The project mainly involved health knowledge lecture, rescue knowledge lecture, charity treatment, elders-oriented smartphone training, and Han Chinese Clothing Carnival. Considering the torrid days and the timely information sharing, the sub-districts especially built the “New Family Plan” WeChat Group, and periodically invited experts to online micro-classes to realize online sharing, consultation, support and tutorship upon collecting and sorting questions about fertility guide, home health care, scientific child rearing, elders’ nursing and home culture raised by the residents. Currently, the WeChat Group had benefited 170-odd residents.

Guangzhong Road Sub-district introduces that the pilot micro-class have been arranged for many times, which also received sound responses. For example, Shanghai’s education experts of adolescent health were invited to answer questions about sex education, parent-child relation and adolescence. The district cerebrovascular disease center’s doctors were invited to publicize health care knowledge. Besides, the sub-district will sponsor a smartphone training class in the pilot class, which will make more old residents to learn how to use WeChat for getting access to the micro-class.