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Summer Camp of Archeology Opens

By Qian Jing

Do you want to know what the cultural symbol of Shanghai, dragonbone and the like are? With these questions, nearly 30 students from all districts of the city set off from Hongkou and went on an anticipated “Journey of Chinese Character Culture” at the summer camp of archeology in 2017.

“In order to expose students to the development of Chinese characters, this summer camp adopted a promotion way of passing through levels, students can participate in the ultimate summer camp in Henan with 3-pass.” Jiang Dong, Chief of the District Teenagers’ Center, told that, the National “Compass Plan” Summer Camp of Archeology is a public welfare activity, which recruits campers from junior high and senior high schools in the whole city every summer. After registration, students will meet the first online level, they can enter 2-level and 3-level camps after passing the online selection.

“Last year, students admired the charm of ancient Chinese architecture in Shanxi Province, and choosing Henan this year is the result of careful consideration. Promotion quotas of each round are limited, only students passing all-round test through physical, intellectual and team work ability can enter the ultimate camp of Henan.” Jiang Dong said that, the camp this year featured the theme of the “Journey of Chinese Character Culture”, and the ultimate camp will explore the mystery of Chinese characters in Henan. Henan is the birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization, a capital for the most dynasties with the longest history in China and has a profound historical and cultural heritage. The ceramics products, bronzeware products and ancient buildings found in Henan also have high cultural and artistic value. Among them, the oracle unearthed in Henan is currently the first character used by Chinese nation. It is because of this cultural background, that the sponsor expects students to learn something in Henan.

In order to increase the enthusiasm of students, the camp this year introduced some special task cards, such as to make a pair of chopsticks when you are out of door, to note down the characters on the dragonbone and bronzeware and finish a piece of bronze rubbing, to make a pot for collecting dragonbones. These interesting tasks focused on Chinese characters make students direct access to the region of “Chinese Characters”. Through learning and experiencing the culture of Chinese characters,  students can not only strengthen the cultural knowledge and concepts of preserving cultural relics, but also enhance national pride and cultural self-confidence.