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New Hongkou Swimming Pool Debuts on July 8

By Zhang Wencheng

It is learnt from Changyuan Group that the 95-years-old Hongkou Swimming Pool will take on a new look from July 8 to August 27.

You will see a belt of grassland and green water, which will refresh you at the entrance of the swimming pool. Swimmers may have a sunbath on 10 deck chairs with oversized umbrellas.

Before the reconstruction, there were a line of small businesses, among which Xibeilang BBQ was the most famous. Many swimmers used to have a barbecue after they went out of the swimming pool. Under the backdrop that Hongkou cracked down on all kinds of illegal constructions, businesses and leases, hazardous and chemical substances as well as bad environmental conditions, the illegal constructions of nearly 1,400 square meters were put into the rectification list last April. Last October, the illegal constructions were dismantled in the sound of excavators.

After the dismantlement, Changyuan Group implemented the restoration project according to the original graph. Upon 6-month reconstruction, everyone see the grassland with a use area of 1,050 square meters

It is also learnt from the district sport bureau that Hongkou will open 25 swimming pools this summer, among which 20 indoor swimming pools open all year round, while 5 outdoor swimming pools will open in July and August.

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