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Shanghai Adolescent Martial Art Championship Held in Hongkou

By Zhang Wencheng

On May 6, the 2017 Shanghai Adolescent Martial Art Championship was held in Jingwu Stadium. A total of 220 young athletes from juvenile sports schools of Hongkou, Baoshan and Chongming competed in 45 items, and they showed good performances in Huaquan, Changquan, Nanquan, Taijiquan and playing swords and spears.

This year witnessed more competitors and fiercer competition compared with last year. It is learnt from Hongkou Sport Bureau that Hongkou will, with the curriculum reform as a breakthrough, give full play to the role of the district’s schools in sports education. From now on, the district will arrange 2 pilot interest-oriented primary schools and 2 pilot diversification-featured middle schools and promote the pilot project of building sports teams for National Games and Olympic Games in 1-2 high schools every year.