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“Making Nationwide Reading an Atmosphere”

By Ge Wei

April 23 of this year is the 22nd World Reading Day. As the breeze of “nationwide reading” has blown all over Hongkou, the “Leading Spring Breeze, Chanting Rainbow” recitation activity has been held in JIC Books and diversified featured reading activities have been held on the 3rd floor of Hongkou Library one after another, allowing readers to share the feelings and pleasure of reading.

New Plays of “Migration Book House”

To respond to reader’s enthusiasm, Migration Book House has recently launched the new reading promotion form of “Migration Testimonials Card”. From this date, readers can find a “Testimonials Card” on the title page of the book to fill in the information of the recommended book and the reading testimonials. The recommended books and reading feelings will be selected and pushed on the micro-glob or WeChat number of Hongkou Library. In this way, readers will be able to make more like-minded friends. “Migration Talk” Recitation has been held during the World Reading Day and the participants have actively shared their reading feelings and their ideas on the “book sharing and reading sharing” of Migration Book House.

“Parent-child Reading” Grandly Launched

During the World Reading Day, the “Journey of Voice Exploring in Rainbow House – Parent-child Reading” Voice Collection was grandly launched. On the morning of April 23, its launching ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of Hongkou Library. Children’s literature writer and Magic Auntie Zhang Hong was present to share the secrets of choosing and reading books and let children fall in love with reading by “magic”. Excellent parent-child reading performance has been presented in the activity. Children have learnt about how to take part in the activity through the launching ceremony. It is learnt that children to participate can choose children’s books suitable for reading, invite their parents or friends to read together or read in different roles, and then make a voice file out of a moment of the parent-child reading according to the specified requirements. Outstanding families will have the opportunity of get the Parent-child Reading Certificate of “Wonderful Journey of Rainbow House” and be recommended to the “3rd Parent-child Reading Voice File Collection” of 2017 Shanghai Citizens Art Festival on behalf of Hongkou.

Wonderful Brand Activities

Apart from large-scale activities, “Hongkou Library Forum”, “e cm”, “Evergreen Reading Group”, “Together with Book”, “Children’s Circle”, “Weekend Story-telling for Children”… these reading brands that Hongkou Library has focused on have all launched special activities on the World Reading Day – the good time for advocating civilized reading. On that day, staffs of Quyang Branch of Hongkou Library have printed publicity materials on civilized reading to be exhibited on the 1st floor and readers coming there have all thumbed up for this activity. Besides, Hongkou Library has recommended special reading list on World Reading Day for the libraries of all sub-districts, thus allowing more residents in Hongkou to read good books.

The various activities on World Reading Day have strengthened the communication between Library and readers, stimulated citizens’ enthusiasm of “loving reading, reading good books, and good at reading”, and further created the nationwide reading atmosphere in Hongkou.