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Hongkou Volleyball Player Selected in the National Team

The list of the new Chinese Women Volleyball Team with Lang Ping as the head coach has been released lately. Among the list of 25 players, Qin Siyu is the only one from Shanghai. You must have not known that this female volleyball player started her sports life in Hongkou.

Elementary Volleyball Training in Hongkou

Qin Siyu, born in 1994, is a supporting player and an assistant attacker. This is not the first time that Qin Siyu is included in the list of the National Team. She was selected to U23 National Female Volleyball Team in 2015 and took part in the intensified training in Chenzhou. She was to participate in the Asian Women's Volleyball Championship in the Philippines but finally was unable to step on the journey due to personnel adjustment.

The intensified training of the new Chinese Women Volleyball List that Qin Siyu is chosen to is for the Volleyball World Grand Prix to be held in China in July and August. Xu Huimin, the enlighten coach of Qin Siyu and the senior volleyball coach of Hongkou District Children’s Sports School, said that Qin Siyu is very smart and hardworking and hoped that she would be the outstanding player at last.

Qin Siyu was born in Heilongjiang Province and was chosen by Zhang Miaofeng, the female volleyball coach of Shanghai Chidlren’s Sports School, during her tour of selecting talents across the country in 2003 when Qin Siyu was in the fourth grade of primary school. Zhang Miaofeng then brought Qing Siyu to Shanghai and entrusted Qin Siyu to her favorite prentice Xu Huimin who had just retired from Shanghai Team and taught female volleyball in Hongkou Children’s Sports School.

At the 1st glance, Xu Huimin noticed that though Qin Siyu was only 1.5m at that time, she was quite slim and slender. Qin Siyu is very smart and hardworking. Xu Huimin said Qin Siyu was arranged to study at Hongkou No. 3 Primary School, a famous school in Shanghai, and she studied very hard and received training at the Volleyball Arena of Hongkou Sports Stadium in her spare time.

Under the careful training of Xu Huimin, Qin Siyu has made significant progress in her skills. She was selected to receive training at Shanghai Children’s Sports School in 2005. Xu Huimin said several players that she taught have been chosen to receive training at Shanghai Children’s Sports School and 4 or 5 players of the current Shanghai Female Volleyball Team are from the female volleyball team of Hongkou Children’s Sports School.

After 5-year of training in Shanghai Children’s Sports School, Qin Siyu was selected by the coach of Shanghai Beach Volleyball and included into Shanghai Female Beach Volleyball Team. Two years later, Zhang Liming, the chief coach of Shanghai Female Volleyball Team at that time, found that Qin Siyu was more suitable for indoor volleyball and then recruited her into Shanghai Female Volleyball Team. And Qin Siyu started her indoor volleyball training from outside.

“Fireman” at Court

After years of training, Qin Siyu’s skills have become increasing mature. In the National Women’s Volleyball Championship of last year, Qin Siyu has greatly impressed the insiders with her outstanding performance as an assistant attacker No.7 of Shanghai Donghaolansheng Women’s Volleyball Team. In the match against Tianjin team, she showed the “backward flight” skill and Wang Baoquan, the chief coach of Tianjin Team and the former coach of the national team, praised, “The backward flight of No.7 player of Shanghai Team is excellent. The adjustment of its assistant attacker has not weakened its strength.”

Dramatically, this 22-year-old assistant attacker is not “professional”. Hearing the praise, Qin Siyu said with a smile that she was a supporting player. “I’m a supporting player and only did one-year of assistant attacking in the youth team. Since there’s no assistant attacker, I assume this role like a ‘fireman’.”

The outstanding performance as an assistant attacker is contributed to her solid foundation. “I can do backward flight and that’s why I’m chose to be an assistant attacker by the coach.” When Shanghai Team’s player Zhu Huijing was injured, the assistant attacking line of the Team is in urgent need of a replaced player. As Qin Siyu has been a supporting player in the youth team, it’s not difficult for her to change from a supporting position to the assistant attacking one. “I’ve done supporting work before. So, I’m familiar with relevant skills and have adapted to the new role after some matches.” Despite her height of 1.84m, she has shown wonderful performance in blocking and attacking. Besides, having no burden is one of the reasons that she can adapt to the new role soon. “I feel less pressure as I have not assumed this role before. So I can devote myself wholeheartedly to the game and learn more skills in the match. And the two-side blocking is also useful when I play the supporting role in the future.” she said.

Apart from her excellent performance in the match, Qin Siyu is also the knockout of Shanghai Team. She has the similar temperament with famous model Du Juan in terms of her figure and appearance. Selected to the National Team, this volleyball player from Hongkou will embrace a new journey in her sports career.