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Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital Conducts “Hyperuricemia Day” Gratuitous Treatment

By Sun Jiejing

April 20 of this year is the 2nd “Hyperuricemia Day” of China. On April 12, the Urology Department of Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital, together with the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, the Department of Orthopaedics, the Nutritional Department and the Pharmacy Department, carried out a gratuitous treatment to answer citizens’ questions on gout and hyperuricemia.

At site, many citizens were queuing for the hyperuricemia test. Medical staff introduced that the standard value of hyperuricemia of an adult female is no more than 360μmol/L and that of an adult male is no more than 420μmol/L. It is learnt that many citizen’s hyperuricemia index has exceeded the standard value and the highest one reaches 550μmol/L.

Wu Jian, Chief Physician of the Urology Department of Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital, said that though the high hyperuricemia level does not mean gout, the development of gout is closely related to hyperuricemia. Bad living and dietary habits is one of the reasons of the high hyperuricemia index of most citizens. “Many people like eating hot pot, meat soup and animal offal that have a high level of purine content. If exceeding the dissolving level, hyperuricemia would deposit at joints and lead to arthritis. And gout will develop accordingly.”

Experts pointed out that gout patients generally have a lower metabolic capacity on glucide and fat, which would lead to various serious diseases concurrently. Therefore, once being diagnosed as gout, one should cooperate with doctor’s treatment and also adjust his/her living and dietary habits.