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Replanting of the First-run OPV, Measles Vaccine Launched

Editor’s note: Weather changes a lot in spring, it is easy to get diseases. It is so-called that “it is hard to relax when weather is changeable”. For health, no matter how old you are, citizens should pay more attention to health awareness and prevention from diseases.

Spring is the season of respiratory infectious diseases like measles. As from today to March 17, the government would vaccinate OPV and measles vaccine for people meeting conditions for free. At present, the work was conducted at all communities’ health service center of Hongkou District.

Recently, Mr. Ma and Mrs. Ma, from Henan, took their 3-month-old son to get vaccination at Health Service Center of Ouyang Road Sub-district Community (the Center). During the registration, doctors found that the baby has not taken enough polio vaccine, which meets conditions for replanting. After the parents agreeing, the baby was replanted OPV. Mr. Ma said, “We definitely support for the helpful vaccination”.

It is understood that we have no poliomyelitis since 2000, but it forms threat to our current status with re-infection of poliomyelitis in neighbor countries. So, the government would conduct work of replanting vaccine for people mainly from outside each spring and autumn. Wu Xiaoyan, a nurse from the Center said, “Subjects of replanting OPV are children from 2 months old to 3 years old with less than 3 times of taking vaccine and teenagers from 4 years old to 16 years old with less than 4 times”. In addition, due to spring, it is so necessary to get vaccination for susceptible populations.

It is introduced that vaccines including ingredient of measles, are mainly measles vaccine, leprosy vaccine and measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Subjects of replanting are as followed: foreign populations from 8 months old to 17 months old without measles vaccine; foreign populations from 18 months to Junior 3 (16 years old) with less than twice vaccination. New staff and undergraduates also need this vaccination, while some people who had measles do not need it. Meanwhile, measles vaccination has certain contraindications -- it is inadvisable for citizens or children who are lack of immunity, immune-compromised or have serious illness, acute or chronic infection. If having cold, fever or injecting immunoglobulin within a month, they would be suggested to take vaccination later.