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“Take-out Lads” Receive Traffic Training before Service

By Yang Jiajun

After the Spring Festival holiday ended, the “Take-out Lads” or take-out deliverymen went back to work in succession and began to bustle about for another year. Recently, policemen of the Hongkou Traffic Police Detachment went to the take-out delivery companies in Hongkou and gave a round of instructive training about laws on traffic safety for the deliverymen.

Policemen elucidated the administrative regulations on non-motor vehicles in the renewed “Shanghai Administrative Regulations on Road Traffic Safety” which will be put into practice soon and clarified the additional content and punishment regulations in it.

In the past, these companies would recruit some new deliverymen after every Spring Festival holiday ends. Not knowing Shanghai’s traffic regulations and road conditions well, they tended to turn a deaf ear at traffic safety risk and cause a higher frequency of accidents. In order not to repeat the history, the traffic police carried out this publicity and education activity specially.

Policemen noted that those who disobey traffic regulations will receive punishment immediately and their employers will be reported too so as to form a normalized management and punishment system in the companies.