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Buses Debut in Caihong Bay in 2017

Buses will debut in Caihong Bay Residential Area. According to the plan, the bus lines including No. 151 and No. 160 buses will run through Caihong Bay in 2017. The history of no bus in the largest affordable housing base constructed in Shanghai downtown’s district for years will end.

Recently, it has learnt from relevant district authority that 2,023 parking lots were newly constructed in the district, the 23-hour management was implemented in the newly established road parking points around residential areas, over 140 road parking berths with time limit were accumulatively newly established and 150 charging piles in public parking lots (garages) were constructed last year and so on. The new batch of municipal facility construction will continuously benefit the citizens in Hongkou this year. The citizens will have more convenient transportation, better living conditions and more improved road facilities.

The projects to be started in the district this year include the industrial zone on Handan road and the renovation and expansion project of Chengzhong Senior High School. Projects including Caihong Bay Commerce, Phase I Hongwan Greenland, newly opening Sanmen Road and renovation and expansion of No. 1 People's Hospital are planned to be completed on the whole this year. In the project of connection of roads in districts, Hengshui road will run through by the end of the year and the implementation of pipelines in Tiantong road project will be started within the year. Besides, the ferry station on Gongping road will be focused and the points of pedestrian corridor of Gaoyang Road will be connected in the first half of the year to link up the riverside (Hongkou section) on the whole in June this year.

It is learnt that the improvement project of ponding points on Wan’an road and the reconstruction project of flood wall of the dental material factory will be completed this year. The road overhaul projects involving Shuidian Road, No. 1 North Zhongshan Road and Guangyue Road will be accomplished. The new road construction of Zhapu Road, Daming Road and Lushun Road will be finished. The underground passage construction of Siping Road will be propelled, and the road widening project of Tangshan road will be launched. Besides, parking cars in the residential areas will be guided to avoid peak hours, and several demonstration projects of sharing parking resources will be created. The trial upgrading of the point-of-sale machines for road parking charge will be promoted so that the point-of-sale charging will cover the area surrounded by inner ring road.