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Hongkou Police Retrieve Lost Money

The lost RMB200,000 to be used for medical treatment was retrieved within 2 hours in spite of the scarcity of clues. Recently, Ms. Shi, a citizen, the extremes of sadness and joy. When receiving the life-saving money, she could not hold back her tears.

Chen Yi, the police officer at Tilanqiao Police Station receiving the case, recalled that it happened at 19:00 on January 17. At that time Ms. Shi rushed into the police station and was so panicking that she could not even tell the story clearly. With consolation, she calmed down a little and narrated the whole story. The case was that Ms. Shi, who had a serious disease, took a taxi that day to register at the hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, holding a bag with RMB200,000 in cash in it. However, when she got off at Lintong Road Changyang Road, she left the bag on the taxi. Walking about 100 meters she realized it and turned to run after the taxi, but it had driven away.

The money was Ms. Shi’s all saving, and losing the money she could not check in the hospital and get treatment in time. With the panic, worry and depression, she was in despair, and the only thing she could think of was to turn to the police.

As Ms. Shi got off in a hurry, she did not take the invoice, and there was no license plate or job number for search. And even Ms. Shi was too nerves to recall the place where she got on the taxi. Therefore, the only clue for Chen Yi, the police officer receiving the case, was that the taxi Ms. Shi took belonged to Dazhong Taxi Company and she got off at Lintong Road Changyang Road.

Could the plate number be searched through the monitoring video at the place where Ms. Shi alighted? While consoling Ms. Shi, Chen searched the surveillance video at Lintong Road. As it was dark the plate number was not clear in the video. It came to a deadlock again. 

Could the clue be found through the driving track of the taxi? Inspired by Chen, Ms. Shi gradually calmed down and confirmed the place where she got on the taxi was on Feihong Road after contacting her friend. After searching the video recorded by more than 10 cameras, Chen found that at 18:35, two taxis turned from Dalian Road to Changyang Road. As the intersection was where a car must pass from Feihong Road to the hospital and the tow taxis made the turns just at the time when Ms. Shi got on the taxi, Chen believed that their target must have been among the two taxis. He immediately contacted the taxi company and the query showed the driving track of one of the taxis was from Feihong Road to Lintong Road. The taxi was found finally.

Subsequently, Chen got into touch with the taxi driver. “The bag is on the car.” Receiving the confirmation of the taxi driver, Chen was relieved. The fact was that after Ms. Shi got off, another passenger taking the taxi found the bag and gave it to the driver. It was thanks to their selflessness and the patient search of the police officer that put the story of retrieving the money to a satisfactory end in 2 hours, and Ms. Shi was finally hospitalized at ease.

Hongkou police remind the citizens to take good care of the valuables taken with them when visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival so as to avoid loss to property. In addition, when taking a taxi, we should remember to ask for receipts, so as to facilitate the recovery when the belongings are lost.